We are not the developers of Snow Shoveling Simulator, nor are we affiliated in anyway to them. Don't ask us to make codes.

Codes are case sensitive combinations of letters, numbers, or both. They provide bonuses in the game. All are 1 time use only.


NOTE: Secret codes with a limit to how many people can use them and are currently active will not be shown here.

15mVisits 1,500 cash
darMoney 700 cash
tvdude Darzeth snow container
DiamondSnow Diamond Frosty pet
150kLikes 1,500 cash
gearHead 1,000 cash
GimmieIce! 100 ice
40m 4,000 Cash
500k 75 ice
matrix 500 cash
1Month 10,000 cash
burrr 50 ice
iceySlopes 800 cash
iceySlopes2 1,000 cash
2018 2,018 cash
WhatLiesBelow 5,000 cash
IceCreature 150 ice
RedTail 500 cash
AFlyingAnt Ant's Parrot pet
TheAnt 2,500 cash
yespls 5,000 cash
z Santa Bag
50k 50,000 cash
o 15,000 cash
e 100k
ToInfinity 10k cash
AndBeyond 20k cash
Icey Snow 5k ice