Snow is a layered chunk found on the ground in Winterville. When hit by a tool or plowed by a vehicle, snow will go down a certain amount proportional to how much snow is collected. Snow can be sold to Frosty for money.

Types of Snow Edit

Regular Snow Edit


Regular snow is snow that is found on sidewalks, driveways, and walkways of houses. It can be shoveled or plowed by any snow tool or vehicle.

Thick Snow Edit


Thick snow has a gray tint and is found on all roads in Winterville. A large chunk of thick snow can also be found in the big parking lot. Without the Shovel Road Snow Game Pass, thick snow can only be collected by the Thermal Suit, Fire Sledge, and all snow-collecting vehicles. Thick snow is worth the same as regular snow in collection.

Diamond Snow Edit

Diamond Snow

Diamond snow is a special variant of snow that is colored blue and has a glossy texture. When collected, diamond snow will give 2 snow instead of 1.

Diamond Snow spawns randomly from time to time and can be manually spawned if a player has the Diamond Frosty pet or the Diamond Bomb.

Cursed Snow Edit

Cursed Snow

For more information, see Cursed Snow
Cursed snow is green-colored snow added in the Halloween 2019 Event that can only be collected using snow tools. When collected, cursed snow will add to the player's cursed snow count, which can be used to purchase items in the Cursed Shop. Only one cursed snow will be added to the player's cursed snow count per tile of snow collected, even if the tool the player is using can collect multiple snow per swing/tick.

Cursed snow spawns in chunks of at least 4 tiles, and a flash of light from the sky will appear in spawn locations. It can also be spawned by the Jack O' Bomb.

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