Snow is a layered chunk found on the ground. Every time a tool hits the snow, it will go down by one layer.

Regular Snow


Regular Snow is snow that is found on sidewalks and driveways. It can be shoveled/plowed with anything in the game.

Thick Snow


Thick Snow is the most abundant snow found. It covers every road in the game. Thick Snow CANNOT be picked up by tools, with the exception of the Fire Sledge and Thermal Suit. It can only be picked up by vehicles.

Diamond Snow

Diamond Snow

When a Diamond Bomb drops onto the snow, or Diamond Frosty is present, or it randomly occurs, a Diamond Snow appears. When dug, it gives the player two snow instead of only one.

It can function as both Regular Snow and Thick Snow. If left alone for a while, it reverts back into whatever snow it started out as.

Golden Snow

The Golden snow is not yet added to the game. But it will be added soon! Edit: No It Wont, It's Been 2 Years.


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