Quests are small missions that players complete. Quests can range from shoveling snow in a certain house's walkway to plowing the snow in the Big Lot. Upon completion of a quest, a player is rewarded money, sometimes less money than the snow it asked you to dig up. It's recommended to use Quests.

Ice Mountain Expansion

Quest toggle

quest shutdown

As of 1/14/2018, quests have been updated to include a toggle for Ice and Snow quests. A game breaking bug occurred the same day, causing quests to be shut down temporarily. It was reinstated after about an hour.


Snow Quests

  • Remove X snow from X house's driveway
  • Remove X snow from X house's walkway.
  • Shovel/Plow X snow from the sidewalks.
  • Plow X snow from the Big Lot.
  • Gather X snow from anywhere.

Ice Quests

  • Collect X ice from anywhere
  • Help defeat X Cave Creatures!
  • Help defeat X Ice Bosses!

These amounts are not exact, you might get more or less money.

Snow Quests Reward Description
About 32,0 Better start finding your friends.
DrivewaySnow $300-$400 The reward will work for any driveway you have to plow snow from.
75KSnow About $8,000 Get a move on and go shovel 75K snow!

I dont have a image for the quest.



Gather 50,000 snow from the big parking lot
200Snow About $125-$200 The reward will work for any walkway you have to shovel snow from.
25KSnow About $5,750 You will need a vehicle for this one!
3500Snow About $2,000 Start plowing those sidewalks!
30KSnow About $6,250 You need 30K snow, so you better start!
PLSnow About $4,750 You can only complete this quest by getting snow in the big parking lot.
125KSnow About $16,250 It's better to do this one with a group of people, as the reward is not comparable to the amount of time it takes.
5KSnow About $1,750 Better get a vehicle for this one.
10KSnow About $3,500 Better get a vehicle for this one.
Ice Quests Reward Description
Cave creatures To be determined Kill or help kill the cave creature in the cave 5 times.
1KIce About $2000 Gonna need a snowmobile to do this.
150Ice About $400 Sounds pretty easy, right?
500Ice About $1,000 Got a snowmobile? This quest should be easy then!
50Cubes To be determined Have fun collecting ice cubes!
25Cubes About $25,000 Half less than 50 at least.
5IceBosses About $16,000 Only have to collect about 25,000 ice.
10IceBosses To be determined Only have to collect about 50,000 ice!
5MCubes To be determined Will anyone actually defeat this?
1IceBoss About $3,500 Easy peasy lemon squeezy