Pegnu's Pets in a store that sells pets. It is run by a penguin named Pengu. Pengu sells the Diamond Frosty, Moneybags, Otherworldly Pet, Noob Archer, Business Cat, Dragon, Raven, Mini Ice King, Ant's Parrot, Mini Maniacal Cube and Mini Cave Creature.


Pengu's Pets store is quite unusual. The store is an igloo with a sign that says "Pengu's Pets".

Sold Pets

Pet Cost Performance
Ant's Parrot Free (if you use the code) Good
Diamond Frosty Free (if you use the code) Good
Moneybags $500,000 Good
Otherworldly Pet 185R$ Very Good
Dragon $250,000 Good
Business Cat $400,000 Good
Noob Archer 80R$ Very Good
Raven $300,000 Very Good
Mini Ice King $0, Get from killing the Ice King Boss Very Good
Mini Cave Creature $0, Get from killing the Cave Creature Boss Very Good
Mini Maniacal Cube $0, Get from killing the Maniacal Cube Boss Very Good