Money is a currency in the game. It is used to buy items for shoveling snow and breaking ice.

When selling snow to feed Frosty, it is sold in increments of 5 when below 50 snow, 10 when below 200 and above 50, 15 when below 500 and above 200, 20 below 1000 and above 500, 35 when below 5000 and above 1000, 70 when below 10,000 and above 5000, 150 when above 10,000.

When selling ice to the Ice Wizard, Mountain Hiker, or both Cave Experts, in order to grow the Ice Piles to spawn the Ice King (or Cave Creature). It is sold in the same increments as snow. Also, selling Lake Ice to Larry will also reward in money as well as ice.

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