Ice Mountain is a region located to the right of the entrance of Frosty's ice cave. It is only accessible using Snowmobiles or by jumping over the Ice Moutain walls using Ant's Parrot. The tunnel to Ice Mountain is blocked off by snow.


Ice Mountain is a mountain covered with snow and ice. Ice can only be found here and Snow cannot be collected. Log cabins are scattered throughout on all levels.

There is a inclined path all the way up the mountain for snowmobiles, however some of the areas aren't accessible to them and require some mountain climbing.

The base of Ice Mountain has an entrance to Ice Crystal Cave with a Cave Expert who says 20,000 ice is required for entry, as he mentions the ice within it is worth a lot of gold. A little ways out from that is the Ice Containers and Tim's Tools.

A little ways up the mountain there's a base camp with a Mountain Guide with information and an optional gamepass available (R200) for quick travel to the top of the mountain. There is also a ramp opposite the large ramp up the mountain that players can run their snowmobiles up and fly back down the the base, receiving the "COWABUNGA!!!" badge.

Halfway up is Larry's House where you meet Larry, the owner of the lake on the top of the mountain. You can sell him Ice Cubes there. Opposite his house, on the other side of the tunnel, is the Mountain Hiker's Ice Pile which is both one of the two Ice selling locations and a Ice Boss spawn location.

Three-fourths of the way up, after some mountain climbing, players can find a rope bridge across to the lower peak of the mountain. Snowmobiles can't cross the bridge.

At the top resides the Ice Wizard's Ice Pile, the second ice selling and Boss spawn location, next to Larry's Lake. Off one of the sides is a partially hidden jump ramp that players can run their snowmobiles down and fly all the way back to the base, also getting the "Leap of FAITH" badge.