Ice is a material and currency obtained on Ice Mountain. It is used, along with money, to purchase related supplies, such as ice tools and ice containers. It is obtained by mining ice masses around the Mountain, which causes the masses to temporarily shrink. Over time, however, ice masses regenerate, allowing re-mining.  

Ice may be sold to the Ice Wizard and Mountain Hiker, as well as the Cave Expert (both outside and inside) once Ice Crystal Cave is unlocked. All ice sales outside grows an Ice Pile, and thus risks an Ice Boss spawning.  

Ice can come in different colors, but does not effect the color of an Ice Pile.  

Ice (Icicles)


Plain Ice is found dotted around all levels of the Mountain in various, pointy masses known as "icicles". Each icicle contains, on average, 75 - 125 Ice. Plain Ice may be sold to any of the three buyers at the bottom, middle, and top of the mountain.

Plain Ice must be mined with ice tools, with the exception of the Huge Saw which is only for Ice Cubes (see below). Similarly to Snow, you cannot mine it once you've exceeded the limit of your ice container. Upon a present drop occuring, all ice in Ice Mountain will instantly regenerate.

Ice Cubes (Lake Ice)


Ice Cubes are large cubes of Ice specially mined from the top of the Mountain at Larry's Lake. They require the Huge Saw to mine. Once mined, they must be sold quickly to avoid despawning.

Transport via snowmobile limits a player to towing a maximum of two at a time (one attached to snowmobile, one attached to thelayer). One must take care transporting Ice Cubes, due to the fact that they are very difficult to control (especially if towing two). Even experienced players can find themselves thrown or pulled off the Mountain by the rambunctious Cubes.

They can only be sold to Larry, who can be found by his house. Each Ice Cube gives 250-450 Ice and 1,500-3,500 Money upon selling to Larry.

The Lake regenerates very slowly, the slowest of all Ice currently in the game. However, the amount present on the Lake makes this not a worry in the least unless a dozen or so players overloaded it at once.

Ice Crystal (Cavern Ice)


A pink Ice Crystal, flanked by a normal Icicle for scale.

Ice Crystals are massive, multicolored, and icicle-like ice masses found within the Ice Crystal Cavern within Ice Crystal Cave. Entry to the cave requires paying the Cave Expert a one-time fee of 20,000 Ice and 75,000 Money. Each Ice Crystal contains 500-700 Ice, making them the equivalent to the same number of Icicles.

While Ice Crystals don't sell for more than plain Ice, they have a special ability which doubles the collection rate of whatever ice tool you happen to be using. This, coupled with a dedicated in-cave buyer effectively doubles your collection rate.

To find them, one must navigate the maze within the cave to reach the Ice Crystal Cavern within. The Cave Expert buyer within the Cavern is the only ice buyer who doesn't spawn an Ice Boss, but the Cave Expert buyer will spawn the Cave Creature.

Upon seeing them for the first time, the player is rewarded with the "Find Ice Crystals" badge.

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