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Game Passes are mechanics in ROBLOX. It is usually used to give players an advantage while playing. They cost ROBUX; meaning that they CANNOT be bought with in-game money.


2x Money 2x Money 250R$ Earn twice the amount of money as normal! Makes snow worth $2 instead of $1.
Instant Sell

Instant Sell

200R$ Sell your snow instantly! Instantly sells all snow/ice in a container or vehicle.
More Colors More Colors! 25R$ Gives you more colors for your vehicles and bags! Gives more colors for snow containers and vehicles.
2x Run Speed 2x Run Speed


Lets be honest, It's really slow walking around. Makes walkspeed 2 times faster than normal.
2x Quest Rewards 2x Quest Rewards 125R$ Make money FAST with 2x quest rewards! Makes quests reward 2 times the money it would normally.
2x Vehicle Speed 2x Vehicle Speed 150R$ Drive TWICE as fast.


Makes vehicles drive twice as fast.
2x Boss Rewards 2x Boss Rewards 150R$

Gain 2x the regular reward when defeating a boss!

Reap double the reward upon the defeat of a boss.
MountainPass Mountain Pass 200R$ The mountain guide at base camp will take you and your snowmobile to the top of the mountain instantly! Teleport the player and their snowmobile to the top of the mountain.
CaveBypass Cave Bypass 50R$ Save the time of walking through the Ice Cave, the Cave Guide will take you straight to the end of it! Teleports the player to the end of the cave.


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Fire  Sledge 300R$ Hate snow? Hit it with this hammer and watch it BURN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Works on all snow and ice) Upon the hammer hitting the ground, it will melt away snow and add a Fire particle effect that will grow in size for a few seconds, then disappear. Unlike other tools, it can melt thick snow and ice too.
TardisBackpack2 Tardis Backpack 100R$ It's bigger on the inside! Holds 1500 snow. Holds 1500 snow.
LavaSpitter2 Lava Spitter 100R$ Tired of slow tools? Why not melt the snow with lava?! Functions similarly to the Flame Thrower and Vacuum.
BlizzardBomb2 Blizzard Bomb 70R$ Need more snow? This should do it! Functions as a bomb that explodes, causing a blizzard on impact.
FrostyInACan2 Frosty In A Can 350R$ Wow! With the power of Christmas you can now sell your snow AS YOU HARVEST! With this portable Frosty! Sells snow wherever you are.
Fireball2 Fireball 125R$ Ignite the snow from afar! Muhahahahahahahaha *cough* excuse me. Can be thrown, melting snow on impact. 
SaltBag2 Salt Bag 150R$ Drop some salt and melt snow over a short period of time! Dropping salt over the ground will melt the snow quickly.
DiamondBomb2 Diamond Bomb 150R$ Turn snow into solid diamond? But then how will we plow it?! This item will give you 2x snow upon collection! Similar to the Blizzard Bomb, it will burst and turn snow into diamond snow on impact.
OtherworldlyPet2 Otherworldly Pet 185R$ An otherworldly being. Nobody knows why it's here; It has a chance to spawn a black hole every 60 seconds, instantly selling snow around it. Spawns a black hole every 60 seconds. The black holes instantly sell snow around it.
LightSaber Light Saber 275R$ May the force be with you This collects 14 ice every click, also dealing 30 damage to Ice Bosses
IcicleMaker Icicle Maker 499R$ Spawn icicles.. INFINITELY! It functions like the Blizzard Bomb and Diamond Bomb, where it will drop and begin an event, such as a blizzard or the spawn of a diamond. In this case, this spawns icicles.