Cave Creatures are a boss found in the Ice Crystal Cave. To spawn them, you must fill the Ice Pile inside Ice Crystal Arena. The Cave Creature is the second boss type added to the game.


The dirt of the cave has fused with the crystal ice to form this abomination with a sharp, hunched, and tan body with long, spindly, and dark brown limbs. Glowing red eyes, angry eyebrows, and a sharp nose protrude from its face to complete it's hideous appearance.


A Cave Creature is a formidable opponent who possess a variety of attacks which can easily kill an unprepared, unwary, or inexperienced player.

Physical Attack

The most basic attack the Creature possesses is to thrash the player with their sharp, giant crystal limbs, causing significant damage.

Homing Crimson Crystal


Gwennie-Chan narrowly escaping a Crimson Crystal

The Creature's preferred method of attack by far, the Homing Crimson Crystal attack trains on player movements and unleashes strong damage from the eponymous bright red crystals appearing right underneath a player's location after a brief charge-up standstill by the boss.

The location of spawn provides a medium-length area of effect attack that can kill players even if not directly on top of the crystals. This can catch players simply trying to run away, instead of more aggressive evasive maneuvers.

Rolling Crystal Crusher

A rolling attack, the Crystal Crusher attack sees the Creature roll themselves up into a sphere and hurtle themselves towards players. This attack does direct physical damage if impacting a player, as well as preventing players from cornering the Creature easily.

Mini Creature Minions


Newly-birthed Minions under their parent Cave Creature

One of the most frustrating abilities, when using this attack, the Creature pauses for a few seconds, squatting, and birthing two miniature Creatures who begin attacking quickly.

While Minions have relatively low (75) health, they harry and distract players with their physical attacks, allowing the main Creature to renew attacks against the player at the same time.


Extremely powerful, several high-level players are recommended to tackle one. Having high damage Ice Tools, such as Ice Hammer, Ice Battleaxe, Ice Spear, Light Saber, and Fire Sledge, are highly recommended.

Given how powerful the Creatures are, groups might find it useful to rotate out fighters for health regeneration, distraction, direct attacking, and minion defense. It's very important not to die, because of how long the journey from initial spawn to the Ice Crystal Arena is.

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