The selection of various Ice Tools available at Tim's Tools.

Ice Tools are tools used for mining/collecting Ice. All players start out with the default Kitchen Knife and Small Ice Pack once they've unlocked Ice Mountain by purchasing a Snowmobile. They are available for purchase at Tim's Tools and cost both Money and Ice.

Ice Tools are different from Snow Tools in a couple ways:

  • They cost not only Money, but also Ice as well.
  • Due to Ice Mountain including Ice Bosses, all Ice Tools also have a weapon/damage rating.
  • While Snow Tools have a movement collection (hand plow) section, all Ice Tools are akin to the stationary type of Snow Tools.

Basic Tools

Basic Ice Tools can be purchased only with hard work - Money and Ice.

Tool Name Cost (Money + Ice) Collection Rate (per hit) Boss Damage (per hit) Description
Kitchen Knife 15,000 + Free 1 5 Not exactly for ice, but it works for now.
Hatchet 27,500 + 750 2 10 These aren't exactly meant for ice mining… but it'll do the job.
Basic Pickaxe 36,000 + 1,500 3 15 A common tool used to chip away minerals, and ice.
Machete 55,000 + 3,100 4 25 Good a chopping down trees and bushes… even better at slicing ice.
Huge Saw 70,000 + 7,000 N/A N/A A huge saw used to cut ice cubes out of the lake on top of the mountain.
Ice Sledge 80,000 + 7,000 6 A strong sledge hammer. Ideal for smashing ice.
Ice Pick 106,000 + 12,000 8 30 Strong, quick, and sharp. Stab the ice with this Extraordinary ice pick.
Ice Hammer 125,000 + 19,500 15 70 Big and spikey. Pummels the ice to the ground.
Ice Battleaxe 150,000 + 22.500 15 55 Slice, smash, and pound ice. Viking Style.

Premium Tools

Premium Ice Tools have to be purchased with Robux.

Tool Name Cost (Robux) Collection Rate (per hit) Boss Damage (per hit) Description
Fire Sledge R$300 40 100 Hate snow? Hit it with this hammer and watch it BURN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Works on all snow and ice)
Light Saber R$275 14 30 x 2hits May the force be with you
Icicle Maker R$499 N/A N/A Spawn icicles… INFINITELY!
Ice Spear R$275 7 x 5hits 75 x 5hits Rip the Ice Boss to shreds with this massive spear! (Stronger during combat than when mining ice)

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