• Robloxgamer20162016 real

    edit spree

    February 1, 2019 by Robloxgamer20162016 real

    i edited too many stuff. i hope the moderators don't explode

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  • Xone'er


    November 25, 2018 by Xone'er

    Hello. I was on a server with loterman23 and I asked him if he was planning something for December on the game, what he said was:

    "Yeah, huge update" 

    "Remastered update"

    "Game is completely changing, map and everything" 

    This is all I got about it on there, have a good day.

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Hi. I'm TheFloatingLugia. An Admin of this wiki. In this helpful article, I'm gonna show you what is the Warning/Ban/Terminate Messages.

    • FANDOM Terms of Service - Users are required to follow FANDOM's terms of service.
    • Inappropriate Language - This is a ROBLOX wiki and is directed to persons 13 and younger. Your comment will be deleted and your account will be blocked.
    • Vandalism/Bad Content - Vandalism is not allowed. Don't remove useful information and don't add incorrect information.
    • Speculation - Speculation is not allowed on articles. Use either discussions, blogs, or comments.
    • Harassment - Users are expected to be kind and respectful to fellow editors. Do not encourage a hostile environment or start/engage a 'flame war'.
    • Abuse of Power - While i…

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    As you've noticed, that i've been inactive on this wiki for months now. The reason is i'm busy starting my YouTube Channel.

    January 2018 - When i started being inactive

    I was busy with my exams, Getting ready for high school. And getting ready for graduation as well.

    March 12, 2018 - When i left the wiki

    I was busy starting my YouTube Channel "Pruxius" Go ahead and check it out!

    May 26, 2018 - When i entered the wiki again

    When i realized, I left the wiki alone. I cried.

    Please understand what happened to me in my last months being inactive.

    Once Again, Sincerely Yours,


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  • Pigking38

    Perhaps we can use Google Forms instead of blog post mod forms.

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  • FastMinecraft2016

    A new wiki

    February 13, 2018 by FastMinecraft2016

    I am a fan of the game deathrun, and so i decided to make this.


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  • FastMinecraft2016

    Um....Hi. My name is FastMinecraft2016. I am applying for Content Moderator. I don't fit 1/2 the requirements (3/4 if you count Lugia's test) but i'm still applying anyway.

    Anyways, I'm applying mainly to protect certain pages that are very popular/getting destroyed. Like the page Codes. If you search on google "Snow shoveling simulator", it ranks 2nd, below the actual game itself. Um...thats it.

    With this power, i'll protect some pages, and constantly edit on the weekends (school).



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  • Pokemonman018


    February 3, 2018 by Pokemonman018


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  • TheFloatingLugia


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  • Pigking38

    Main Page Revamp

    January 22, 2018 by Pigking38

    I'm going to revamp the main page of the wiki, also borrowing the Frame template from the ROBLOX wikia. You can see the revamped version here .

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  • Gwennie-chan


    January 17, 2018 by Gwennie-chan

    I've been trying to overhaul the Templates for player vehicles, tools, and gear.

    I have created Vehicle_template for vehicles, Tool_template for tools (ice/snow/etc), and Gear_template for containers (snow/ice).

    Hopefully these can replace the monolithic Shovel/Vehicle_template both making it easier for users to fill in and having more nuanced data types for each specific category.

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    Please be noted that this blog post is for Moderators, Administrators, and Bureaucrats only.

    In the Moderator, Administrator and Bureaucrat Position, we must be concern about the pages and all the wiki users about their behavior. Don't block/warn wiki users if they don't do anything. Please read this blog post about the Warnings/Blocking used on wiki users when misbehaving.

    • ZeallaeZ120
    • MaximusL2015

    • FastMinecraft2016 (Discussions and Chat Moderator)
    • Gwennie-chan (Discussions and Chat Moderator)

    • TheFloatingLugia

    • Pigking38

    These moderators were part of the team, but retired or were demoted/fired.

    • N/A

    And here are the warnings:

    • 1st broken rule - Simple notice/remind
    • 2nd broken rule - Warning
    • 2nd broken rule - Disabled Edits and blocked for 5 days.
    • 3rd broken r…

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    I'm glad badges are now on the wikia.

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  • TheFloatingLugia

    For first time in the wiki, You must read this blog post.

    • You are Responsible to Edit Pages.
    • You must be Kind
    • You must unuse Foul Languages
    • If you want to recruit as Moderators or Administrators, Just read my Recent Blog Post .
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  • TheFloatingLugia

    The Recruitments for Discussions,Content and Chat Moderators will be on this Blog Post. For More Information, Click Here . To be an Discussions, Content or Chat Moderator, You must Be/Have these: For the Content Moderator:

    • You must have 150+ Edits on the Wiki
    • Have no Warnings/Blocks on the Wiki
    • Must have Flamethrower achievement.
    • Good reputation on the wiki.

    For the Chat Moderator:

    • You must Have 100+ Edits on the wiki
    • Must have the Push Blower Badge.
    • Have no Warnings/Blocks on the wiki
    • Must have the Diamond Frosty Badge for Contributing to the Wiki for 5 Days.

    For the Discussions Moderator:

    • You must Have 100+ Edits on this wiki
    • Must have the Push Blower achievement.
    • Have no Warnings/Blocks on the wiki
    • Must have the Moneybags Badge for Contributing to th…
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  • Pigking38


    January 12, 2018 by Pigking38


    ORIGINAL FROM IanGamer917

    Here is a artichle about groups.

    So one thing I discovered is that you can kinda donate money to newbies by inviting him to the group and completing a hard quest and you and all people in the group will receive the same reward.

    Plz add to this because I don't know all of the information so I hope you enjoyed this short guide and add to this.

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