Big Plows are vehicles sold in Plow Store. They have a snow capacity of 10,000 and can collect more snow than Trucks and Mini Plows.

They can get many quests done in a shorter time-span than cheaper vehicles.

Big Plows are the most used vehicle in the game. That is because the Big Plow is the last vehicle in "3 car" line, the mini plow, the truck, and then this. It will take a long more time to get to the Grader, or UFO, so many people are stuck using this Big Plow.


The big plow does really good in shoveling snow aspects. It's big plow gets the job done quicker than the truck and mini plow.


The display outside is different than the actual big plow. Here is a image of the actual big plow:

Big truck

Big Plow

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